Wakeup with makeup!!

Active lifestyles cause smearing and smudging of conventional make up

It’s convenient – you save 100+ hours a year filling lips, drawing eyebrows,  lining eyes “halfway straight” (that’s 2 ½ weeks per year!)

Eyebrow tattooYou save money – conventional cosmetics wash off and disappear DAILY

Daily cosmetic application can be frustrating with arthritis, prior stroke, Parkinson’s, MS…

Changes occur over time in lip definition or coloration, eyebrows thin & eyes recede – replenish what time diminished

Sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics often precludes the use of conventional make up

Perhaps there’s a need to replace color; scars, vitiligo, alopecia, cold sores have ravaged the lip line

Lost, asymmetrical or thin eyebrows from chemotherapy, accidents, burns, birth, etc. can be beautiful

A natural, fresh look is desired (color is placed IN the skin – not ON it

Lasik surgery, contact lenses, and eyeglasses can impede the application of eye makeup

Sensitive skin or allergies to makeup

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