Hd Brows Aka Microblading as know as feather touch brows or simply eyebrow tattooing.

Eyebrow tattooing is one the most popular procedures for women and men for many different reasons. These days as we strive for perfection it is very popular for the modern woman so she can save time in the morning and “wakeup with makeup”. But some other reasons are:

– To give the appearance of more fullness, to change the shape of the natural brow, to hide scars, Alopecia or cancer patients, Sports “active” people so they don’t have to worry about sweating off their makeup and many more reasons.

All eyebrow procedures are a combination of 2 treatments, the 1st treatment , and the follow up procedure 4-6 weeks later where we do any touch ups or adjustments to colour or design if necessary. The follow up appointment is included in the price.

There are different types of eyebrow procedures:

The solid eyebrow The original and longest lasting method, where we create a full brow.

The Powder Fill Technique Similar to the above method but softer, great for people with lighter hair.

Hair Strokes , also called  “HD Brows” or  “Embroidery”  gives the appearance of natural hair strokes , This is the most natural look for dark hair clients as we create each hair one by one to reshape the brow, but this technique does not last as long as the others. This varies from person to person and can last from 3months to years. I recommend clients return for “touch up” appointments more often than the other procedures (at a reduced price).

Powder Fill + Hairstroke This technique is my favourite technique as I believe it gives a great result and it lasts longer than hair strokes on their own. On the first visit we do a “powder fill” brow in a lighter shade, 4-6 weeks later for the follow up appointment we add in hair strokes to give the brows more texture and make them look more natural. This gives a beautiful result but looks more natural than a “solid brow” and has better lasting quality than a hairstroke on its own.

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