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Hd Brows Aka Microblading as know as feather touch brows or simply eyebrow tattooing.

Eyebrow tattooing is one the most popular procedures for women and men for many different reasons. These days as we strive for perfection it is very popular for the modern woman so she can save time in the morning and “wakeup with makeup”. But some other reasons are: – To give the appearance of more […]

Wakeup with makeup!!

Active lifestyles cause smearing and smudging of conventional make up It’s convenient – you save 100+ hours a year filling lips, drawing eyebrows,  lining eyes “halfway straight” (that’s 2 ½ weeks per year!) You save money – conventional cosmetics wash off and disappear DAILY Daily cosmetic application can be frustrating with arthritis, prior stroke, Parkinson’s, […]